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A Lifestyle Vlogger who is passionate, fearless, curious and creative. I am someone who wants to help others to grow and hone their craft for a more peaceful, successful and joyful life & inspire & encourage them to live their life to the fullest.

Bangalore, India
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9 Ways to raise your Vibrations and Frequency

Monday, 29 Jul 19

Many after watching this video told me how helpful this video was and how to lead a positive and successful life. My aim was to help people know how one can achieve anything and feel good when you are at a higher frequency. This was something one would have not thought about and let them know how one can raise their vibrations by eating whole foods, using essential oils, having plants around and much more, and help them stay positive and achieve things they want. I am proud of this video and loved the creating process. Hope many can learn something good from this and live a joyful life.

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