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Surabhi Rawat

Bangalore, India

Fashion Expert & Travel Noob. My fashion journey started 4 years back when I worked with Roposo and it has been one hell of a ride!

Fashion Hacks by Surabhi

All about fashion tips, tricks, hacks and suggestions. You will also find bits of travel sprinkled here and there.

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Nikhil Kumar

Brand Manager

Surabhi is great to work with. She added a lot of value the last time we worked with her. I would definitely recommend her for lifestyle related content as thats her forte. She would definitely add value to any brand.

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Surabhi is one of the best storytellers I know. She knows how to capture her audience's imagination and at the same time, help marketeers like me achieve my business goals. All the best :)

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Reached 10,000 Subscribers

Thursday, 04 Oct 18

One of the proudest moments of my life has been when my blog hit 10,000 subscribers. It was proof that hard work pays off and a lesson to me that you should never give up on your dream.

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Got Featured in Winkl's Vanity Wink

Thursday, 04 Oct 18

It was an immense honor to get selected to be featured in the September Issue of Vanity Wink among with great people like Natasha Noel, Simrun Chopra, Devrath Vijay and the likes.

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