Influencer Marketing Insights Report 2020-21: Navigating the Pandemic

How has the pandemic affected the influencer marketing industry and what trends can marketers expect in the future?

We spoke to tens of brands & agencies, analyzed hundreds of marketing campaigns & trends, and interviewed thousands of influencers & marketers to create this benchmark report with an aim to provide actionable insights.

Influencer marketing insights report 2020-21

What's Inside?

How did brands change their marketing strategies to adapt to the pandemic life?

How are creators diversifying their revenue streams & how can brands utilize them?

What are some emerging influencer niches & what does that say about audience sensibilities?

Which content formats & platforms are giving the best results?

What do future trends will look like as per industry experts?

Actionable insights and key takeaways on creating a successful influencer campaign!

This report will help you run better influencer marketing campaigns for your brand.

Learn from some of the best influencer campaigns of last year. Stay on top of the emerging influencer marketing trends. Figure out what the incoming ASCI influencer content guidelines mean for your brand. Get to know what other marketers are thinking. Figure out what will improve your influencer marketing campaigns ROI with actionable takeaways.

Influencer marketing insights report 2020-21

Trend Watch

Be on top of the emerging trends for the coming year.

Influencer marketing insights report 2020-21

Expert Speak

Learn from what leading industry experts have to say.

Influencer marketing insights report 2020-21

Actionable Insights

Set your next campaign for success with an actionable plan.

Influencer marketing insights report 2020-21

Start using actionable insights to run effective, impactful & ROI driven influencer marketing campaigns

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the influencer marketing insights report?

This is an industry-standard report on the state of influencer marketing in India. It was created to assist marketers, find some meaning in mayhem in this growing industry. We hope that it will act as a benchmark based on which they can plan and strategize for the coming year.

What was the research we did while creating this report?

While researching for this report, we have analyzed tens of industry trends of the past year. We interviewed market experts and industry leaders to get their opinions and insights. We also spoke to numerous brands and agencies that have executed some of the best influencer marketing campaigns over the years. We also conducted the largest influencer survey of the year, where more than 5k+ influencers participated. Some of the top benchmark reports from around the globe were also referenced.

How can I use this report?

This report is for any marketer interested in influencer marketing who can - use it to keep up to date with the industry trends, to strategize for their future influencer campaigns, to know what other brands and marketers are doing to create successful marketing campaigns and to understand what influencers are thinking when it comes to working with brands.

Is this report free?

Yes, absolutely! We believe in knowledge sharing because when the industry grows, we grow with it!

Why do I need to fill in the information requested?

We will keep your information safe. We ask for your email id in exchange for a valuable resource. It will help us send you information about some of our other industry resources you might find valuable!